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2018 Update

All units now come with the upgraded thumper and worm included so there is no need to upgrade.

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    Purchase a Completely built, Pre-Assembled, Ready to Use, Fully Warranted Distillation Unit ......and instantly become a part of "The Distillery Network".


    Browse around our shop and discover all of the different sized units that we build.  Please note that all of our units are PRE BUILT and are the "Creme de la Creme" when it comes to quality.  We Make all of the correct bends, Hems and Joints to ensure our "Lifetime Guarantee". Dont be fooled.  If you see a unit with a flat bottom, dont buy it, its junk, they just slapped it together.  If you see a unit that is exactly the same as ours, it is OURS and they buy the unit from our manufacturing facility. We own the patent on this design. We are transforming our business into a wholesale provider of these units. WE are the number one provider of the lowest cost distillation units on the market place.  Dont miss out on our extremely LOW prices that we offer.  All of our units are MADE IN USA with 100% American Sourced Parts and Copper.  If you want a foreign still, go to  We would like to thank everyone for their continued support towards The Distillery Network Inc.