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All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 7 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love.  Let’s talk about your first or last Made In America Copper Moonshine Still.  


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A do-it-yourself kit (DIY) is a copper moonshine still manufactured by American Copper Works in Manchester New Hampshire. A DIY Kit is 20 oz. Sheet copper which is cut,  bent,  rolled and in embossed which leaves it ready to solder.  Clamping and Soldering  of the pieces is what is needed to complete the moonshine still. 



This is not a project where you just solder the tubing pieces and you're done. This is a project that will take at least 4 to 8 hours to complete. When we get the copper in our shop,  we measure it,  cut it, bend it, roll it into a cylinder shape,  emboss it and ship it to the customer ready to clamp and solder. 

We include the flux and solder in the box as well as all the parts and fittings that you need to finish the unit. We do not include the propane tank the torch head for the propane tank. 

You can save a bunch of money with our kits. We specialize in 2 gallon kits all the way up to 100 gallon kits where the customer can actually save themselves hundreds of dollars.

once again this project is not easy. We estimate that it will take the average customer 4 to 8 hours to clamp and solder and complete the unit. You can check out our video on www.moonshinekits.com which is a 36 minute tutorial video as well as you can check out "KitBookLet) Which is an instruction booklet built for our customers. Thank you for being a part of American Copper Works.

 Please check out the complete description of each of our sizes on our websites. For example if you are intrested in a 6 gallon DIY Kit and are wondering the measurements of a 6 gallon you can check out our listing on any of our websites to see the specific measurements and specifications of the 6 gallon unit.
Please keep in mind that all of our units come with the Upgraded Thumper and Worm kit. The Thumper is 9" by 9" cylindrically and the worm is a little bit bigger.  The coil is 3/8 coil and the tubing is 1/2 inch tube. The thickness of the copper used is 20 oz. / 22 gauge copper sheet purchased from Paul Revere out of Boston Mass which is 99.9% pure


25 gallon ez kit 

Pot body 31 inches tall, not including the cone.  The circle  for the  25 gallon pot  body is 16 inches.  This means your moonshine still  diameter will be 16 inches.  

Our cones have a steep slope and will add many inches of height to your distiller.  The cone comes pre  rolled and after you are completed soldering the cone  you will need to trim the top down.  Please see our  instructions  video.

The cap kit diameter is 5 inches.  This leaves more than enough space to fit your arm inside the unit for easy cleaning.  

The lyne arm 1 inch diameter pure  copper pipe and measures 16 inches in length.  The lyne arm is the part  that sticks  out of the cap and slopes down  at a 45 degree angle towards the thumper.

Our pipe  tubing kits are 1/2 inch diameter pure copper pipe.  All of the pipe is pre measured and cut to save you time.  Simply  flux and solder and distill. 
Our  thumper measures  9 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter.  This equals to about  2.2 gallons which is more than enough to give you the double purification that  you are looking for.  If you want a bigger one for a little more money, just ask and we can hook you up.

Our spin fittings are 1/2 inch spin unions.  You can easily  assemble and dis assemble your unit with the use of these convenient  spin fittings.  Our design is built so the user can take the thumper  out  and run the pot direct to the worm.  Please pay attention to the directions  to make sure your unit becomes  "interchangeable ".

Our worms are slightly  larger than our thumpers  measuring  2.6 gallons.  The condenser  comes with  two hose hook ups which are standard garden hose hook ups 3/4 inch male fittings.  It is simple to run water to from your worm. The worm comes with a 3/8 inch condending coil which  will have  at least 7 to 8 coil spins each unit to ensure  maximum cooling power.  

Our units also come with a temerature guage which  is easily  replaceable  incase  it ever fails  or breaks.  Our units come with flux for soldering as well  as enough  solder to finish your unit.  



1.       https://youtu.be/MRP0sDZvzaQ
Kit Presentation    
2.       https://youtu.be/N36IC77m-UU
Still Instructions for Use



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